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Welcome to "We’re Just Talking About It" (WJTA)

Islam 101: for non-Muslims...

This is an informal conversation about Islam and Muslim cultures.  It's the conversation America should have started on 12 September 2001.  

We talk about everything.  Send us your questions:

We talk to people from every Muslim culture...send us an email if you want to be on our show.

The host of “We’re Just Talking About It” is Major (retired) Jason Criss Howk. He is the author of a double award winning Modern English Qur'an interpretation and speaks nationally about Islam. He holds a masters in Middle East studies, is a Malone Fellow in Arab and Islamic Studies, studied Dari and Arabic, and teaches introduction to Islam courses at numerous institutions.

Your producer and co-host is Hollie Fleck owner of Candid Light Films. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She is an Emmy-award winning television news reporter and now runs her own video company. Hollie is curious by nature and always asking questions in hopes of learning and understanding the world we live in. 


Apr 26, 2019

This is S2E7 of WJTA. This week we have a brand new guest on the show, Mina Sharif. Mina was born in Afghanistan but she and her family fled when she was just a year old. Decades later, Mina built a successful career in communications and filmmaking. She made the decision to return to Afghanistan as an adult and it was life-changing. 

In this episode we discuss if it's possible for religion and culture to be separated not only for Muslims, but all religions and what happens when religion and cultures collide.